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meet our staff

Our Team


Mohamed M Sheikh is the first Executive Director to lead the organization since
its inception. For the past 9 years, Mohamed has overseen the growth of AFOSC
in diverse areas of expertise and expanding geographical reach. Mohamed has
represented AFOSC at national, regional and international level, With extensive
experience in research and humanitarian sector for more than a decade in a
complex humanitarian environment. Mohamed holds a degree in social science.

Salama Ali, Gender and Protection Specialist

Salama Ali joined Action for Sustainable Change (AFOSC) as the Gender and
Protection Specialist in March 2019. For the past four years, Salama led AFOSC’s
Gender and Protection portfolio, spearheading the development of the strategy
and projects across all AFOSC’s operational areas.

Salama is a seasoned humanitarian and development practitioner in the field of
Gender, Protection, and Law, with over eight years of experience in humanitarian work, legal and international relations. She is a passionate, dedicated and committed humanitarian, with extensive experience in gender and protection work. With extensive experience in legal and international relations practice, Salama brings hand-on experience and knowledge in drafting legal/non-legal documents; enhanced research and writing skills that includes production of briefs, reports , policies, etc; and experience in civil/criminal litigation. She is skilled in Human Rights Law, International Law Affairs and Protection. Salama has an acquired experience in social media engagement, relationship building and partnerships in diplomatic setting, NGOS and Corporate settings.

Salama holds a bachelor’s degree in Law & Shariah, LLB from Zanzibar University and a Master of Art Degree in International Relations from University of Nottingham. Salama also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Law from Kenya School of Law.

Adan Ali, Education Specialist

Adan Ali joined Action for Sustainable Change (AFOSC) as Education Specialist in October 2017. Adan is a trained educationist with specialization in Education in Emergencies.

Adan holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from University of Nairobi and a
Master of Arts in Development Studies from Mount Kenya University. He also holds a Certificate of Advanced Studies, Education in Emergencies, from University of Geneva.

Billow Dahir, Finance Manager

Billow Dahir joined Action for Sustainable Change (AFOSC) as the Finance
Manager in April 2022. Billow holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, finance
option, Egerton university.

Fartun Omar, Admin Assistant

Fartun Omar joined Action for Sustainable Change (AFOSC) as the Admin Assistant in 2019 and holds a diploma in Business Administration.

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