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Every Person Deserves a
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Our overarching objective is to enhance democratic governance and increase effective political participation for all.


AFOSC has always championed the access to quality and equity in education agenda among the arid and semi-arid counties in Kenya

Disaster Reduction

In collaboration with GNDR International, AFOSC Kenya has implemented a number of innovative disaster risk management programs.

Peace building

AFOSC programs on Civil Society engagement have also involved partnering with KMYA to conduct Youth Engagement Programme

We Are Action for
Sustainable Change

We Are Action for
Sustainable Change

Action for Sustainable Change (AFOSC-Kenya)  is a non-profit Organization as a local organization, AFOSC has deep reach in the communities it serves and has over the past 10 years developed a commanding presence, acceptance and recognition amongst communities in Northern Kenya.

our activities

Coordination & Collaboration with Local Authorities

In implementation of all its activities, AFOSC Kenya coordinates and collaborates with government institutions both at the local and county levels. At the District level, AFOSC collaborates with local administration, education and social services departments, and technical line ministries representatives relevant to the project been implemented. AFOSC has enjoyed close cooperation with local chiefs, civil servants at the district level and community leadership (elders and Sheikhs). AFOSC also coordinates its activities with local political leaders including the Area Member of Parliament and local County Executives. At the County Level, AFOSC coordinates with the Governor’s Office and the heads of different government ministries including but not limited to Education, Health, Water, Social Services.


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