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About Us

We are Action for Sustainable Change

Action for Sustainable Change (AFOSC-Kenya) is a non-profit Organization. As a local organization, AFOSC has deep reach in the communities it serves and has over the past 17 years developed a commanding presence, acceptance and recognition amongst communities in Northern Kenya. Afosc kenya is a member of global network for Disaster risk reduction an international network that is based in UK 🇬🇧. Also we a member of elimu yetu coalition a national coalition that champions education for all in kenya and sit in national board of the coalition representing pastrolist interest.

AFOSC-Kenya has been implementing various programs in partnership with several donors and development partners. AFOSC-Kenya operational and programmatic approach not only meets internationally recognized standards but it also has strong orientation to local dynamics in several sectors. As a local organization, AFOSC recognizes that solutions provided by the development partners at the community level needs to be based on local realities and emphasized on strong community involvement for sustainable and maximum impact. 

Working with disaster-prone communities in Kenya, AFOSC Kenya implements a range of multi-sectoral interventions which involve partnership with the communities and local administration to identify disaster risk; develop common action plans; and facilitate community-led responses. In addition, AFOSC engages local, regional and national stakeholders to facilitate cross-learning and influence decision making at the local level.

Our Vision

Successful Pastoral Community living at peace for all generation.

Our Mission

Mainstreaming Pastoral Program in all sectors and builds networking

Core values

Our Core Values

In working to achieve her mission, vision and objectives, AFOSC is guided by a commitment to the following core values.

  • Participation and Consultation.
  • Sincerity and honesty.
  • Impartiality.
  • Professionalism and voluntary service
  • Equity, fairness and justice for all.
  • Collaboration and networking.
  • Result oriented and flexibility
  • Respect for diversity
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